Viral tweet compares Montreal roads to 'Mario Kart' course (VIDEO)

Sep 6 2019, 3:26 pm

Sometimes it seems like Montreal’s roads could be added to classic ‘Mario Kart’ tracks like Wario Stadium, Toad’s Turnpike, Koopa Beach, and Kalimari Desert.

Think about it: “Goomba’s Construction Zone”

Twitter user @sssssssssierra recently shared a short video of Clarke Avenue in Montreal, comparing it to “an advanced level of Mario Kart.”

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In the quick video, Clarke can be seen loaded with a dozen of orange traffic cones and construction signs going up a hill.

Sierra, a fan of the N64 version of the game, told Daily Hive that Montreal could be a “hard level with all the cones and potholes.”

Too bad the video wasn’t taken on Peel Street, we’d be able to throw down so many banana-related Mario Kart puns.

The video, which has gobbled up more than 88k views since Wednesday, triggered a reaction from Tweeters who agreed with the Montreal-Mario Kart comparison.

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