All the free things you should check out at Montreal en Lumière this year

Feb 18 2020, 9:25 pm

The Quartier des Spectacles is going to get a whole lot bigger, bolder, and brighter as the city’s Festival of Lights returns this week.

Known officially as Montréal en Lumière, the outdoor site offers a multitude of spectacular lights, activities, and gourmet food to really show the winter’s dark days who’s boss.

With a week’s worth of activities on the docket, it might be a bit overwhelming to check them all out. Luckily, we’ve put together a list of the best free events from this winter’s festival.

The site has outdoor fire pits to warm up, indoor chalets, phone charging stations, and free mini-games that offer prizes.

The site doesn’t only boast mesmerizing sights, but also top-notch gourmet food stations, selling everything from soups to keep you nice and toasty, to maple syrup products and cheese fondue.

The outdoor party kicks off on February 21 and stays lit until March 1. Here are a few things worth checking out among the outdoor site, all the while keeping your wallet at home.

Québec Maple Ferris Wheel

Montreal en Lumière


Presented by Maple from Québec, the giant illuminated Ferris wheel cozies up to the Quartier Gourmand sector of the festival, offering guests authentic Quebec-made maple syrup samples.

It’s tough to miss the giant, neon-lit wheel and it offers gorgeous vantage points of the festival site if you want to go camera heavy.

When: February 20 to 23 and February 27 to March 1
Time: Monday to Friday, 5 to 11 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 2 to 11 pm

Urban Slide


Montréal en Lumière will be in full slide swing next week and its giant urban slide returns to the Quartier des Spectacles. Zigzagging its way across the outdoor party.

The 110 metre-long slide starts at the illuminated launch tower and glides its way around the site, at full speed, screaming with cheers and photo opportunities.

The slide is “completely revamped” this year, according to the Festival of Lights website, offering sliders a multicoloured light show.

When: February 20 to 23 and February 27 to March 1
Time: Monday to Friday, 5 to 11 pm; Saturday and Sunday, 2 to 11 pm


Montreal en Lumière

You’re probably not down to dive into a swimming pool in the dead of winter, especially from such great heights.

Luckily, Canadian haut-vol diver Lysanne Richard is.

She’ll jump off a 25-metre high diving board into a 3-metre deep pool. As if that’s not enough, she’ll be performing acrobatics in between.

When: February 20-23, 27 – March 1
Time:  Varying hours, visit the Montreal en Lumiere website  for specific times


Speaking of acrobatics, the Dynamo show at the Énergir stage will feature a mini-circus of acrobats performing what the Montreal en Lumière website describes as a “mind blowing show.”

When: February 20-23, 27 – March 1
Time:  Varying hours, visit the Montreal en Lumiere website for specific times

Soph-Eye Richard


Soph-Eye Richard is French-Canadian DJ, producer, singer, songwriter, and dancer who’s been touring and performing for more than a decade. She’ll be performing a free show to kick off the fest, bringing some funk, techno, and soulful tunes to the outdoor grounds.

When: Thursday, February 20
Time: 9 pm

Str8 Up

Montreal en Lumière


DJ Str8 Up is going to be rocking out during the festival’s first weekend bringing his “selective taste and deep love of music” to the outdoor crowd.

When: Friday, February 21
Time: 9 pm



A native of Montreal, TIZI has performed at Beachclub, îleSoniq, Igloofest, and Piknic Electronik and claims “she is comfortable in all styles and in front of all types of audiences.”

She’ll be proving that on Saturday, February 22.

When: Saturday, February 22
Time: 9 pm


Montreal en Lumière


Fusing a light juggling show with flair bartending, this dynamic duo will make you want your drink even more after lighting it on fire and flipping it through the air.

When: Saturday, February 22
Time: 9 to 10:15 pm

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