Montreal to invest $150M in ambitious new 5-year bike plan

Sep 15 2017, 10:34 pm

The City of Montreal has unveiled its ambitious $150-million biking plan that aims to increase cycling in the city.

The five-year plan’s main goal is to grow Montreal as an international bike metropolis and cycling leader in North America.

Investments of $15 million per year for the next 15 years will be added to the amount already planned to be spent annually on the development of the Montreal’s cycling network, which means that over the next five years more that $150 million will be dedicated to improving the city’s bike system.

“By committing ourselves to zero vision, in terms of road safety, our Administration has made a strong move. The first bicycle master plan of the metropolis consolidates this vision with major investments for its implementation,” said Aref Salem, transportation manager on the executive committee, in a release.

“We are very proud to deliver this commitment, which is the result of a concerted effort with members of the Montreal Bike Committee. I am convinced that this plan will have a positive impact on the quality of life of all citizens. ”

The City laid out 10 steps that the bike plan aims to accomplish over the next few years:

  1. Deployment of the Montreal cycling network, which is based on greater connectivity, better access to clusters and more complementarity with public transit;
  2. Conversion of the Montreal bicycle network into an accessible and safe network in all seasons;
  3. Development of a downtown bike accessibility plan;
  4. Realization at the metropolitan scale of bold, structured and large-scale bicycle projects;
  5. Improvement of the supply and quality of parking for bicycles throughout the territory of Montreal and particularly in the central districts;
  6. Integration of cyclists’ needs into the existing road network and in street improvement and redevelopment projects;
  7. Implementation of facilities or equipment based on innovation and new technologies and in line with the functionalities of the intelligent and digital city;
  8. Implementation of projects and programs directed at organizations or cultural communities to support and promote initiatives to encourage cycling;
  9. Development of partnerships with sporting and community organizations, schools, leisure groups, etc., to meet the needs of all clientele;
  10.  Promotion of cycling as a safe, efficient and comfortable mode of transportation.

The City says it will develop a cycling accessibility plan in the downtown area as early as 2018.

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