This artist's mesmerizing 'highlight reel' captures the unique beauty of Montreal (VIDEO)

Aug 29 2019, 8:08 pm

Montreal is a magical city full of events and gorgeous landmarks and artistĀ Andrew Andreoli has done a remarkable job of truly capturing the essence of our city.

By using a technique called “hyperlapse,” the Montreal artist has produced what he calls a “panoramic view of Montreal.”

And, without being accused of hyperbole, it could be the best time-lapse video of Montreal we’ve ever seen.

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From theĀ Notre-Dame Basilica, to Old Montreal’s Clock Tower, the Olympic Stadium, murals, parks, the metro, Tams, and a bevy of iconic landmarks, Andreoli whittled some of the city’s most prominent features into a four-minute video.

No easy feat.

“Iā€™ve been working on a video for the past four months ā€“ a ‘tour of Montrea’ of sorts that had been lurking around in my mind for the past three years,” readsĀ Andreoli’s social media post. “Initially, I had only planned to produce a brief ‘highlight reel’ of the city; the more I filmed, the more I realized that simply wouldnā€™t do – that I wouldnā€™t be satisfied unless I did something bigger. The resultant video is that bigger thing.”

The artist says the video is an aesthetic experience of Montreal that aims to satisfy the eyes of tourists, locals, and seasoned vets of the city.

“I made sure to avoid creating an outright tourist video by including hidden gems (of which Montreal has an endless amount) and little sights that caught my eye along the way. If this video achieves anything, I hope it purveys a sense of what makes Montreal so magical.”

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