Check out this Montreal artist's detailed drawings of the city's iconic landmarks (PHOTOS)

Aug 22 2019, 8:44 am

You can’t spell ‘Montreal’ without A-R-T and a local artist is doing her best at showing off the city’s iconic landmarks in a different shade.


Ruby (ichigomangoart) is a Chinese-Canadian who captures Montreal’s little moments a bit differently. Rather than snapping it through an Instagram filter, she draws them in spectacular detail.

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“I draw out the places around Montreal that I’ve been to or that I see in the moment that leaves a strong impression and are meaningful to me,” Ruby tells Daily Hive. “There are so many artistic elements that make Montreal such a vibrant city.”

Montreal drawings

Farine Five Roses (ichigomangoart/Instagram)

The hyper-realistic drawings highlight Montreal’s culture, layout, historical and contemporary architecture, festivities, and multiculturalism, says Ruby.

From the city’s makeup, food, music, fashion, and events, Ruby’s artwork is a different medium than we may be used to seeing on social media but it still holds all the elements that make Montreal, Montreal.

In the future, Ruby plans on showcasing her work through a website with “more detailed information and posts so people can have a better view and understanding of my work.”

Until then, here’s a collection of iconic landmarks from around town from her “100 Montreal Landmarks” series.

YUL Aéroport International Montréal-Trudeau (ichigomangoart/Instagram)

L’Oratoire Saint-Joseph du Mont-Royal (ichigomangoart/Instagram)

Le Petit Dep (ichigomangoart/Instagram)

Brasserie Molson Coors (ichigomangoart/Instagram)

Cathédrale Marie Reine du Monde (ichigomangoart)

Marché Atwater (ichigomangoart)

Lac aux Castors (ichigomango)

Casino Montreal (ichigomangoart)

Montreal Clock Tower (ichigomangoart/Instagram)

Champlain Bridge (ichigomangoart/Instagram)

Habitat 67 (ichigomangoart)

La Ronde (ichigomangoart)

Centre des sciences de Montréal (ichigomangoart)

Bonsecours Market (ichigomangoart/Instagram)

Be sure to check out Ruby’s Instagram for more gorgeous illustrations as well as her full “100 Montreal Landmarks” series.

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