Montreal guaranteed to have a white Christmas this year

Dec 22 2016, 3:35 pm

It’s true! Montreal will have a white Christmas folks!

We didn’t get the white stuff in 2014 or 2015, so 2016 is finally delivering the holiday spirit.

According to The Weather Network, the guarantee of a white Christmas in Montreal has much more to do with the snow we already have than any we’ll be receiving between now and the 25th. Essentially, the snow that’s already accumulated on the ground won’t have time to melt before Christmas. However, Montreal is expected to have a light sprinkle of the fluffy white stuff over the next few days, about 2-5 cm.

Year over year, Montreal has a 70% chance of a White Christmas, so enjoy it while it’s here – you never know if it’ll be back in 2017.

And with a low of 1°C and snow expected on Boxing Day, expect it to stick around for a while longer.

White Christmas Canada

The Weather Network

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