Fans are torn about Montreal Alouettes' $90 poutine helmet promotion

Aug 3 2022, 3:24 pm

Some marketing ideas are genius and some are horrible. Sometimes, designs toe the slab and land somewhere right in the middle. We’ll let you decide where the Montreal Alouettes’ $90 poutine-in-a-helmet promotion lands.

On Monday, the city’s CFL team announced it has launched the brand new poutine promo, “l’Alouette” — a football helmet that fans can bring home, also doubling as a serving plate.

When served at the game, the $90 helmet/plate will be stuffed with four poutines, totalling more than two and a half pounds.

The Als say its “l’Alouette” poutine is a “special recipe,” made from red potatoes, cheese curds, pork lard, fried onions, a signature maple and Amaretto sauce, and pulled pork.

The caged part of the helmet will also be packed with caramel popcorn.

So you’re getting a massive poutine, popcorn, and a replica football helmet. The Alouettes “strongly recommend” ordering the item in the company of friends, family members, and even seat neighbours.

The CFL team says quantities are limited and anyone leaving the stadium with the helmet will need to order the “l’Alouette” poutine. Essentially, if you want the helmet, you need the grub.

Since being shared across its social channels, football fans and foodies on Twitter and Instagram are torn about the poutine promo. Some CFL fans are comparing prices from their stadiums, lobbying that $90 for such a big meal is a good deal.

Others are saying $90 for a replica CFL helmet alone is a sound price, even tagging the NFL to implement similar promotional items.

Some people think the deal is a gimmick and even “the dumbest thing ever.”

The debate is urging on. What do you think — yay or nay?

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