Montreal likely to get its own 4D theatre in the near future

Sep 20 2018, 3:02 pm

You’ve never experienced a movie quite like this before.

While 3D movies have been a longtime staple of the movie-going experience — think back to those old-school red and blue tinted glasses of the 60s — taking the cinema experience up another level is a relatively new idea.

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4D movie theatres are not a new thing for Canada, as Toronto brought the concept to the country back in 2016, but the revolutionary technology has not been seen in Montreal… yet.

In a press release on Wednesday, September 19, Cineplex announced a partnership with CJ 4DPLEX that would see an expansion in 4D technology to more than a dozen Canadian locations. The first is expected to land in Calgary, Alberta, and the likelihood of one being created in Montreal is high.

“We’re going to be expanding to as many as 13 additional markets, so we’ve only confirmed that one of the additional markets is going to be Calgary,” said Cineplex’s Sarah Van Lang in a phone interview with Daily Hive.

“We will most certainly be looking at markets that are large urban markets across Canada like Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa. I can’t confirm 100% — stay tuned for additional announcements — but it’s certainly in our pipeline.”

The 4D theatre at Toronto’s Cineplex Cinemas Yonge-Dundas and VIP has stood alone as the only of its kind in Canada for two years, though Van Lang said that the 4D theatre in Calgary is already in its planning stages.

“We are incredibly proud of the success of 4DX in Toronto, which brought our technology to audiences in Canada for the first time,” said Brandon Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX America, in the release.

“We look forward to growing our footprint throughout major cities across the country as part of our continued progress as the fastest-growing premium cinema format in the industry.”

CJ 4DPLEX has been bringing the 4D experience to theatres since 2009, with the specialized seats being installed in 561 auditoriums throughout 59 countries.

The 4D theatres incorporate onscreen visuals with motion synchronized seats, weather effects, and movie-related scents.

“Cineplex was proud to be the first company in Canada to pilot the technology, but we are even prouder to be the first to invest in a national roll-out,” said Ellis Jacob, President and CEO of Cineplex, in the release.

“4DX is a truly immersive cinema experience and we know … all Canadians are really going to love it.”

Official announcements on where the additional theatres will land will be made in the coming months, the release said, and Canadian movie-goers can expect the new theatres to become operational over the coming years.

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