Montreal has the fastest mobile data speeds in Canada: report

Dec 19 2018, 2:41 pm

Way to get going, Montreal.

According to OpenSignal’s analysis of the fastest overall mobile data speeds in Canada, Montreal has come out on top.

The mobile analytics company, OpenSignal, measured the overall average speed metrics for download and upload users across Canadian 3G and 4G networks. The report takes into account how often users are connected to each technology.

The report provides an excellent indication of the typical speeds mobile users in the country experience every day.

The studies concluded that overall download and upload speeds were “superb in the country’s 12 largest metro areas.” Overall download speeds averaged well above 30 Mbps in all 12, while upload averages in each city topped 7 Mbps.

For overall download speed, Edmonton and Montreal both had identical scores of 46.9 Mbps, tying for first place. Speeds you’d be hard pressed to match except in the most advanced 4G cities in the world, according to the analytics company.


In terms of overall upload speed, Montreal stood alone at the top of the chart with an average speed of 12.6 Mbps, more than a megabit faster than Kitchener, its nearest competitor.

Upload speeds were high in Canada’s in general. Seven of the 12 cities analyzed had overall upload scores greater than 10 Mbps.


Canada’s main mobile network operators, Bell and Telus, have made significant investments in their urban 4G infrastructure, according to the report.

All three of Canada’s national network operators are approaching 90% in 4G availability metrics. Meaning, users are able to find an LTE connection on their networks in nearly nine out of every 10 attempts.

That high level of 4G access means consumers spend relatively little time connected to slower 3G networks, which provides a big boost to their overall speed scores.

With the holidays approaching, Montreal’s fast upload and download data will be perfect for quickly posting a video of crazy Uncle Eddie chugging all that eggnog.

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