Here’s how much a McDonald's Big Mac is around the world

Oct 15 2021, 6:20 pm

There is no denying that McDonald’s has taken over the world. Wherever you travel, rest assured you can get your hands on one of their burgers.

Although Big Macs are made the same way in every country, they do differ in price.

Money website Expensivity dug through all of McDonald’s international websites and uncovered the cost in USD of every Big Mac across the world.

According to their findings, Big Mac connoisseurs who live or happen to be in Lebanon are paying the most for their favourite McDonald’s burger at a whopping US$21.89 due to inflation.

The Netherlands comes in second place, with US$10.89. But if you’re in search of more bang for your buck, look at none other than Russia. The price of a Russian Big Mac is US$1.94, the least expensive across the world.

Mcdonalds big mac


As for Canada, the Big Mac comes in at about US$4.86, give or take, which is similar to pricing in Andorra, Brazil, Austria, and Singapore.

Expensivity also took a look at the pricing of the fast-food chains Large Fries, their Happy Meal and more, check out the report here.

Report was issued on October 8, 2021.

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