There's a 2-day LEGO festival happening near Montreal this weekend

Nov 5 2019, 6:53 pm

A big celebration of little toys is on its way to Saint-Hyacinthe this weekend as a LEGO festival, Brickomanie, snaps its way towards Montreal.

The little block-toy festival will feature demonstrations, building competitions, LEGO history, and sales of the world-famous toy. Brickomonie will also bring some of the most creative LEGO builders from across the province to Saint-Hyacinthe, located about 70 km from the island.

More than 75 exhibitors will be on-site, sharing their amazing creations as well as the building of a giant LEGO mosaic which will be completed in time for the festival’s closing ceremonies on Sunday.

Brickomanie 2018_00371

Brickomanie 2018_00378

Even though it’s a LEGO festival, things get pretty serious. The Brickomanie website says, under its rule and regulations page, “The activities in the convention are intended primarily for adults and are not always appropriate for children. Certain games are very competitive. Adults that are accompanying children should keep that in mind.”

Exhibitors for example, were only considered if they could cover (a minimum) six-foot wide table with a LEGO structure.

“Brickomanie is a legitimate LEGO exhibit and therefore all third-party pieces are welcome to join their LEGO counterparts such as¬†Brickarms, Brickmania, Altbrick or others who are involved in the AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) community,” reads the Brickomie website.

That means pieces like Mega Bloks, Kre-O, Best Lock, BrickTek and others are not permitted. Sorry, posers.

Brickomanie 2018_00424

Brickomanie 2018_00145

Get ready for a LEGO extravaganza, which takes place in a 25,000-sq-ft space. Speaking of feet, we’d recommend sturdy shoes, as to not step on these little buggers.


When: November 9 Р10
Time: 1o am Р5 pm on Saturday, 10 am Р4 pm on Sunday
Where: COOP Pavilion, 2740 Beauparlant Avenue, Saint-Hyacinthe
Price: $10 for adults, $5 for kids, free for kids under three

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