Legault: Quebec government "did what was necessary" to handle pandemic

Mar 11 2022, 5:20 pm

Quebec Premier François Legault says his government “did what was necessary to save as many lives as possible” as the province enters the two-year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a Friday morning French Facebook message, the premier says Quebecers showed “solidarity with all people, especially with elders,” in handling the pandemic. He says the province “immediately understood” the seriousness of the situation and said that Quebec — faced with danger — reacted “admirably.”

“Everyone came together in a spirit of national cohesion that I am so proud of,” he wrote, stating that healthcare workers showed “immense courage” and “deserve our gratitude.”

Legault began the message by saying Quebec has “a duty to remember” the lives lost throughout the pandemic, admitting he spent “long nights” wondering if the right decisions were being made.

“I never thought I would have to show up in front of cameras every day to announce restrictions and tell people what to do,” he continued. “I would even say that it was against nature for someone like me who is in favour of greater autonomy for citizens.”

Legault acknowledged Quebec had to make “huge sacrifices” but stressed that mandates saved “thousands of lives.” He says the province lost “too many mothers, fathers,  grandmothers, grandfathers. We lost brothers, sisters, friends.”

The premier dedicated today to their memory and their loved ones. “It is for them that, every March 11, the people of Quebec will remember.

Legault says Quebec succeeded in “rapidly strengthening” the province’s health system, managed to keep schools open to minimize the effects on our children, and that Quebec had one of the most effective vaccination campaigns on the planet.

He says as of this weekend, the province will have removed “almost all” COVID-related restrictions and thanked Quebecers for its “spirit of cohesion.”

“I can never thank you enough.”

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