Joe Rogan says he loves Toronto more than Montreal (VIDEO)

Jan 8 2019, 2:00 am

Joe Rogan has added some fuel to the constant rivalry between Montreal and Toronto.

The infamous UFC commentator and comedian recently expressed his love for the city of Toronto on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, which has over 4.3 million subscribers.

During an interview with Canadian Gad Saad, professor of Marketing and Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioural Science, Rogan started off by praising Canada.

“Dude, you live in Canada now, it’s one of the great countries the world’s ever known,” before expressing his love for Canada’s most populous city.

“Toronto’s amazing. I love it. It’s one of my favourite cities,” he tells Saad. “One of the things I love about it is it’s like a big city, but the people are friendly like its a small town. I don’t know how the hell you guys pull that off.”

“We’re just good people,” replies Saad.

Had the episode ended there, it would have been nice to hear a popular podcast host praise our great country.

But – Saad interjected and asked Rogan about “a difference between Montreal and Toronto.”

“I like Toronto better, sorry Montreal,” replied Rogan. “You heard me b*tch.” Before continuing, “I do love Montreal. With Montreal, it is the conflict,” before Saad adds about the city’s divide between French and English.

“Seems to me, to be ridiculous. The idea that you’re going to succeed. Like, good luck. You’re going to leave Canada? Okay, congratulations. You’re going to be your own country that nobody goes to? And, you’re going to make everybody speak French?”

“That’s so stupid. French signs everywhere? I get they’re trying to cling on to their culture, and the culture is wonderful, the food’s fantastic, there’s great people in Montreal.”

“I love Montreal,” concludes Rogan. “But I love Toronto more.”

Check out the interview below, Rogan’s ranking of Toronto over Montreal starts at around the 1 hour and 12 min mark.

No worries, Joe. We haven’t forgotten that we’re the city that hosts your favourite restaurant. We’ll swing you over to the good side in due time.

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