The hottest days of summer are coming to Montreal this week

Jun 11 2018, 3:54 pm

Bring on the heat, Montreal.

Remember this past winter when it felt like the snow and cold was never going to end? The only thing that kept us all going was the prospect of scorching summer days.

Those days are comin’.

The Weather Network’s 7-day forecast for Montreal looks like it’s going to be toasty and just in time for the weekend.


The Weather Network

Disregarding Wednesday and Thursday, the end of the week is primed to be hot and then get even hotter. Monday is slated to cap off the mini heatwave at 28° and is supposed to feel like 34°, making it the hottest day of the summer so far.

Start pre-planning nice beaches, activities, and park trips for the hot weekend and it might even be beneficial to drop a couple of fake coughs around the boss if you’re thinking ahead for Monday’s scorcher.

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