Recruitment event for Montreal restaurant, hospitality jobs happening this week

Mar 8 2022, 9:04 pm

If you’re looking for work in Montreal’s hospitality industry (with benefits), you may want to clear up your schedule this week.

Hôtel William Gray, in collaboration with their collection of restaurants, terraces, and spas, is hosting their annual Top Job Day Recruitment Event on March 10 and 11.

The two-day job fair, which kicks off at 9 am on Thursday, will feature the following brands, all of which are looking to fill a series of positions: Hôtel William Gray, Jacopo,
Maggie Oakes, Perché, Terrasse William Gray, and Spa William Gray.

According to a press release, event attendees can expect to be catered to with “complementary mocktails, food, welcome gifts, massage chairs, as well as a live DJ.”

The current job positions looking to be filled are the following:
● Server (restaurants/terrace)
● Hostess (restaurants/terrace)
● Valet parking (hotel)
● Kitchen – prep cook, cook (restaurants/terrace)
● Dishwasher (restaurants/terrace)
● Receptionist (spa/hotel)
● Massage therapist (spa)
● Beautician (spa)
● Manager (restaurants/terrace)
● Housekeeping (hotel)

Overtime, flexible hours, and hotel/restaurant discounts are only some of the perks associated with the available positions.

For more information, please visit:

Top Job Day Recruitment Event

Where: Hotel William Gray’s Living Room, 421 St.-Vincent Street,
When: March 10 to 11
Times: Thursday, 9 am to 1 pm; Friday, 2 pm to 7 pm


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