A frightening horror fair has made its way to Laval (VIDEO)

Oct 23 2019, 7:02 pm

Halloween is quickly sneaking up and a horror fair has set up shop in Laval, expecting to do some sneaking of its own.

La Foire de l’Horreur, one of Canada’s largest mobile theme parks, is offering its visitors a multi-sensory horror experience filled with live actors, escape rooms, labyrinths, and of course, a chainsaw-wielding maniac.

Entering its second year, the horror fair features two different scare levels, available to the family-friendly crowd and the the more daring.

“This interactive multi-sensory experience will challenge your senses such as sight, smell, hearing and touch while triggering many of your fears,” reads the Foire de l’Horreur website.

“The participants will have a chance to live through an array of emotions from awe to laughter and of course fear, and this, for more than 35 minutes.”

Along the way, guests will bump into costumed cast members who chase you as you squeeze through tight passages, dodge moving floors, and run into empty dead ends.

Staff members strongly advise that the horror circuit is not for children under the age of 12, pregnant women, people suffering from claustrophobia, epilepsy, or heart disease and other significant physical restrictions.

The horror fair is open every day from now until November 3rd and ranges from $21.50 to $23 (plus taxes) depending on the chosen date.


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La Foire de l’Horreur

When: From now until November 3
Time: 6 pm – 10 pm (Monday to Friday), 3 pm – 10:30 pm (Saturdays), 3 pm – 10 pm (Sunday)
Where: 1799 Avenue Pierre-PĂ©ladeau, Laval
Price:$21.50 – $23, available online

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