Search for a giant at an enchanted Mont-Tremblant event all summer

May 10 2018, 8:12 pm

Mountains and giants may be complementary to HBO’s Game of Thrones but from June 8th until October 14th, it’ll apply to Mont-Tremblant as well.

The renowned ski mountain is being turned into an enchanted hiking trail where participants embark on a quest to find the last sleeping giant of its kind.

Uh. Yes please.

The adventure is being produced by Tonga Lumina, known for their illuminations on the Jacques-Cartier bridge last summer in celebration of Montreal’s 375th anniversary.

This summer’s Mont-Tremblant trail will be illuminated with light projections and mythical storytelling as giant-seekers must trek through a 1.5 km nocturnal hike to find the slumbering giant.

The adventure starts at the base of Mont-Tremblant. The chairlift transports its investigators to the “Twilight Portal” where a colourful lit path weaves its way through the woods to a series of mysterious checkpoints in pursuit of the giant.


The crusade departs at 9:30 pm, 10 pm. and 10:30 pm every night and takes roughly an hour to complete.

The course can hold 300 participants at a time.

Prices are age-oriented and range from $11.99 – $27.99 while kids aged 0-5 get to search for a giant for free. That’s a giant deal!

There are rumours circulating that the summer’s nice weather has awoken the mammoth. The giant is ready for you but the big question is – are you ready for him?

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