"Sickening": Montrealers are fed up as gas prices reach all-time high

Mar 7 2022, 3:53 pm

On Friday, Montrealers saw local gas prices hit upwards of $1.80 per litre. But things went from bad to worse for the many who decided to hold out on filling up, as the price of fuel rose steadily, hitting a record average of 194.1/L by the end of the weekend, according to CAA.

And while gas prices are more than double what they were two years ago, the last month has seen an exuberant and momentous rise, as indicated by the following graph from GasBuddy.


Suffice to say, Montrealers are fed up and downright discouraged by the out-of-control cost of commuting. Some have even vowed to make the permanent switch to public transportation.

From the funny to the furious, here are some of our favourite social media posts about the fiasco.

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