Extreme cold warning in effect: Montreal will feel like -40°C tonight

Dec 28 2017, 4:55 am

So… things have gotten a little cold out there.

While we’re currently sitting pretty at a sunny -19°C (but feeling a little closer to -31°C) that’s not even the worst it’s going to get today.

Tonight’s temperatures are expected to plunge all the way down to -27°C, but if you make the inadvisable decision to venture outside without every centimetre of your skin – and eyes – covered, it’ll be feeling more like -40°C, according to the Weather Network.


Montreal weather (The Weather Network)

It’s so cold that Environment Canada has just put out an Extreme Cold Warning for the Province of Quebec, with temperatures in the area expected to drop to around -38°C to -44°C.

To put that into comparison, today’s temperature in Maui, Hawaii is 20°C and sunny… or some 60°C warmer.

We’re sure that the wind gusts of 32 km/hour aren’t going to help anyone warm up out there, so the best advice we can offer is to find yourself a nice fireplace, pull on a few pairs of warm socks, and brew up something hot, because you’re not going to find any warm breezes blowing through Montreal tonight.

Look on the bright somewhat less ridiculously frigid side; No need to worry whether those lakes are frozen enough to skate on, right?

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