The first meteor shower of 2018 is happening next week

Dec 27 2017, 6:25 pm

It might be cold out, but if it’s clear, we suggest stepping outside.

The Quadrantid Meteor Shower is expected to peak over night on January 3 and 4, and while a full moon may make some of the meteors appear fainter, it’s still worth taking a look.

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Although not as well-known as other meteor showers, the Quadrantid is expected to average 120 meteors per hour at its peak. But while these meteors are fainter and easier to miss, Space says the Quadrantid can “produce fireballs with giant, glowing tails highlighting the meteors’ paths across the sky.”

Even if you only catch the shower at an off-peak moment, the rates of about 25 meteors per hour are still expected.

The best way to view a meteor shower is by finding an area that has a clear view of the sky, and laying down on your back, staring up.

You won’t need binoculars, just find a dark sky and give your eyes about 20 to 30 minutes to adjust – so yes, that means no checking your brightly-lit phone screen every few minutes.

And of course, dress warmly.

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