Cheap Eats: Le Trou keeps Montreal bagel legacy going in the Sud-Ouest

Sep 7 2023, 7:06 pm

When it comes to Montreal’s relationship with bagels, you could say they are our one trou love.

Not only do they symbolize one of the city’s greatest culinary contributions, but they are a quick, go-to cheap meal you can get in the city. While most people think of the classics, like St-Viateur and Fairmont Bagels, smaller spots like Bagel Le Trou in Griffintown make for fantastic options.

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Le Trou bagels are handmade in the traditional Montreal way: thinner and not quite as dense as say a New York-style bagel, and soaked in honey-sweetened water before being made in a wood-fired oven (not a traditional oven like its counterparts).

The bagels at the Hole, or le trou in French, are also distinctively larger.

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On the menu, you can find all of the flavour staples, like sesame seed, poppy seed, and everything bagels. For a little something special, try the choco-cranberry, cinnamon raisin or the Griffintown made with beer and parmesan.

The outpost also offers sandwiches that range from standard cream cheese with smoked salmon and capers to the “burgel,” ground beef patty made with cuts from the nearby Grinder butcher, Havarti cheese, tomato, spicy mayo, and Boston lettuce. Most sandwiches come out to under $10 before tax, except for the smoked meat sandwich, which is $12 before tax.

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I ordered the egg and cheese bagel one morning when I wandered in and decided to get some breakfast. The sandwich, while simple, was proof that if you make the basics with expertise and passion, you don’t need any of the frills and fancy stuff. The bagel was $6.25 before tax.

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And if you’re like me and wondering what happens to the “trous” or the bagel holes, grab a batch of bagel bites, which could be compared to a sesame bagel Tim Bit. You can get a bag of six for $3. Between the sandwich and the bites, it cost me $10.63 after tax.

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Of course, you can’t have a bagel shop without selling some of the fixings. You can pick up cream cheese, salmon, and jams while picking up bagels on your way to a friend for brunch. Coffee and tea are also available. While you’re there, be sure to pick up some merch to show off your new favourite spot.

As for the space, it’s as cool and funky as its Griffintown home with a bright and colourful mural dedicated to the city, including the iconic Farine Five Roses sign.

Whether you’re looking for a cheap spot in Montreal or a new bagel to try, you’ve found your trou match.

Le Trou

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Address: 1845 rue William
Phone Number: (514) 394-7781

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