You can sleep in these bubble huts just outside Montreal all summer

Jul 30 2020, 4:49 pm

There’s not really a better time to spend a couple of nights in a bubble than when everyone should be physically distancing.

At the RécréoParc site in Sainte Catherine, you can reserve a bubble hut, known officially as Le Rêveur, on a spacious campsite under the stars, right beside the Saint Lawrence River.

Le Rêveur comes with a mattress (no bedding), a hot plate, a set of utensils, glasses and bowls, a coffee machine, and a propane tank inside a glass bubble hut.

The bubble huts cost $114 per night and they are situated on a sandy beach with bird-watching options along with boat and kayak rentals on the lake.

The site also hosts DJ performances every weekend until the end of August.

Vsit the Récréo Parc website for more information.

Le Rêveur

When: From now until August 30
Time: 8 am to 8:30 pm (for reservations)
Where: 5340 boulevard Marie-Victorin, Sainte Catherine
Price: $114 per night, available online

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