14 of the most Instagram-worthy food dishes in Montreal

Dec 1 2021, 6:07 pm

Forget how it tastes, is it getting enough love on Instagram?

We live in a different world now. Decades ago, taking a picture of food, getting the film developed, and mailing it to your friends and family would be a very strange occurrence.

But now, thanks to the likes of Instagram (literally), sharing pics of your food before you eat it is all part of the social media norm.

Luckily for the ‘grammers out there, Montreal is bustling with great spots to snap pics of your meals and share them in the virtual world. You can like the taste, others can like the view.

From the actually cheesy, to the big and colourful, and everything in between, here are some of the best dishes and meals around Montreal to spread out across the ‘gram.

Chocolate bombs – C’ChoColat


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Hot caramel served over a dome of chocolate that slowly melts into a plate full of brownies, ice cream, and graham crumble. So much chocolate. So many likes.

Rainbow bagels – Dizz’s Bagels


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Dizz’s Bagel & Deli has been dishing out tasty bagels from their shop in CĂŽte Saint Luc since 1995, but they give it a little twist: rainbow colours.

Cereal/coffee hybrid – Barley


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Two iconic breakfast options form one happy marriage at this cozy shop in St-Henri.

Blood Ceasars extraordinaire – L’Grox Luxe


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L’Gros Luxe does everything big, and their Bloody Caesars are no different. The popular Quebec-based franchise tops these bad boys with mini burgers, cheese sticks, onion rings, sandwiches, and of course, a salt rim.

Stacked pancakes – Arthurs Nosh Bar


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Arthurs Nosh Bar is one of the best spots in Montreal to get brunch, thanks to their seriously photogenic stacked pancakes (which also happen to taste phenomenal).

Ice cream – La Diperie


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We all scream for ice cream, but this Quebec-based chain dips your cone in a near-infinite number of toppings, including Oreo, Smarties, Nerds, Coffee Crisp, Kit Kat, and on and on and on…

Latte art – CafĂ© Castel


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A quaint, airy cafe serving a menu of coffee, pastries, sandwiches and salads in the Ville-Marie Hotel.

Epic Burger – La Belle et La Boeuf

The La Belle et La Boeuf franchise serves up a quadruple beef patty that is almost the size of a skyscraper. The resto says it’s garnished with “too much brie, too much smoked bacon” a fried Kit Kat bar and melted peanut butter for good measure.

It might be a bit of a challenge to eat but it looks good on the ‘gram.

Donuts – Trou De Beigne


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Sorry Timmies, but these donuts are just built for Instagram.

Empanadas – Les Empanadas Pachamama

Les Empanadas Pachamama serves a variety of different empanadas ranging from chicken, spinach, spicy tuna, beef and more.

They’re all served in an assortment of colours which will help brighten up your feed.

Le Smoke Show – Atwater Cocktail Club

The signature dish at this speakeasy just off Atwater is a smokey cocktail that creates quite a fog show once unveiled from its Beauty and the Beast-like glass container.

You’re not supposed to take pictures here though, tread lightly. Instagram pics are better when they’re dangerous.

Famous chicken sandwich – Cafe Gentile

If you know it, you know how tasty it is.

It should spark up that like count too thanks to the charming look of the popular Cafe Gentile.

Smoked meat sandwich at Schwartz’s


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Schwartz’s is an institution in Montreal. It’s arguably the most synonymous restaurant in the city’s food scene and any type of pic will surely get you some nostalgic likes.

Poutine at La Banquise


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Trigger some engagement from all the local foodies on your feed with some delicious-looking shots of one of the best poutine joints in town.

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