The new iPhones make me feel like a professional photographer (and I'm not)

Dec 19 2019, 6:43 pm

I enjoy taking photographs but never would have considered myself very good at it.

Adding Snapchat filters to my own face has been the extent of my photo-taking capabilities. I could never grasp the importance of shutter speed, apertures, or even composition.

Looking at my own photos, I had never really appreciated a good-quality photograph.

Until now.

Recently, I tested out the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro during a photo walk in Old Montreal. Using both phones as my lens, I was blown away by what these pocket-sized devices could do. Before being equipped with the iPhone 11, I had the XR, and immediately noticed impressive differences, camera-wise, and as a phone.

Since its inception in 2007, the iPhone has evolved from a bulky, touch screen mobile phone to a device with stunning design, multiple cameras, and pro-level shooting capabilities that can give regular users the confidence to shoot for National Geographic — they know where to reach me.

Along with the iPhone 11 Pro’s 512 GB of storage, you’ll notice the newest Apple model is equipped with a triple-camera system. It may look girthy at first but it’s well worth it.

Actually taking photos with the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are as rewarding as the results themselves.Ā Hereā€™s a look at some of my favourite new features from both phones.

Triple-Camera System

Tyler Jadah/Daily Hive Montreal

When using the iPhone 11 Pro, the option of using three different lenses gives you instant options for snapping pics and it’s as easy as simply clicking the in-camera option.

With the ultra-wide setting, you can capture up to four times more in one shot. Like, you know, the entirety of La Grand Roue.

The wider field of view and large focal plane makes snapping landscapes and action videos an absolute joy.

Improved Portrait Mode

Tyler Jadah/Daily Hive Montreal

The triple-camera system takes Portrait Mode to a new level with the ability to choose Wide and Telephoto framing, enabling Portrait Mode with a wider field of view and depth of field, which is great for taking portraits of multiple people.

Look at me, “depth of field” and “field of view,” I sound like a photographer now.

Wide Camera

Tyler Jadah/Daily Hive Montreal

With a quick swipe of your finger, you can easily switch to the wide lens or the Telephoto camera, which features 100% Focus Pixels, for up to three times faster autofocus in low light, like the narrow walls of La Maison Pepin.

Tyler Jadah/Daily Hive Montreal

Without having to move, you can capture so much more. Check out how much of the building’s facade I could capture, simply by swiping my finger.

Night Mode

Tyler Jadah/Daily Hive Montreal

The phone’s improved night mode, allows users to take high-quality photos in ultra-low-light settings. This shot was taken without flash but I did have a drink…

4K Video

Another great feature of the new cameras is they can record videos in 4K, with amazing highlight detail and smooth motion. The camera has built-in steady-cam features, meaning even if you’re moving around, the videos stay relatively still.

Give the “sloffie” a go thanks to the phone’s improved front-facing camera that records 4K video at up to 60 fps and 120 fps slo-mo.

Snapping pets

Tyler Jadah/Daily Hive Montreal

Let’s be honest, how many more selfies do we all need? Check out how stoic my dog looks through the iPhone 11’s lens, at night no less.

Because, if the internet needs anything else, it’s to get flooded with millions of more pet photos.

For pricing and full details, visitĀ Apple’s websiteĀ or an Apple Store near you.

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