26 mesmerizing photos of the rainbow balls on Saint Catherine Street

May 2 2018, 3:37 am

With the abysmal rain coming to an occasional break and some much-needed spring sunshine starting to brighten up the streets, the City of Montreal is beginning to show its true colours.

A true, telltale sign of such is the return of the Aires Libres festival which is slowly taking over St. Catherine street between St. Hubert and Papineau Avenue.

This Thursday, from May 3 to September 24, more than 180,000 rainbow balls will add a magical touch to Montreal’s city streets.

The rainbow balls are being installed as we speak and it’s giving Montrealers a lot to get excited about.

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Aires Libre will offer more than 50 terraces from restaurants, cafes, and bars across the closed streets.

Welcome back summer, we missed you.

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