Travel in style: What to wear on your next long-haul flight

Feb 2 2019, 7:11 am

If you’ve ever experienced the panic of rushing through the airport to catch a flight, you know it’s something that you do not want to do while wearing too many layers.

A wise airline attendant once told us that jeans, coats, and shoes, add the most weight to your baggage allowance. But by wearing these items onboard together, you’ll be feeling the heat midway into an in-flight rom-com.

Most (hopefully all) of us are longing for a shower after 11 hours in the air, but if you dress smart, you’ll feel fresher when you get to your destination. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some key pieces that will take you to from the airport and beyond.

Midi dress

We can’t stress how valuable breathable material is on long-haul flights. A jersey dress offers the ultimate comfort and it’s also neat enough to pack for your return home — always a bonus in our eyes.

Paloma drape dress/AllSaints Canada

Top: dark or stripes

If there so happens to be a period of turbulence and your juice (aka wine) spills on your tee, it’s not the end of the day when you’re wearing a dark colour or stripes. You can just grab a napkin and go about your business, without a care in the world.

Pants: wide leg or joggers

A comfy but stylish pair of wide leg pants or joggers should be in your wardrobe on standby. You never know when you’ll be taking an impromptu trip across the globe and these pants pair with most sweaters and t-shirts that you already have.

Buffon pant/Aritzia

Footwear: boots or sneakers

Save yourself any additional baggage fees by wearing your boots to the airport. Take them off during your flight and relax wearing a pair of fluffy socks (essential). Pro tip: Carry a light pair of sandals in your bag so you can make a swift change upon arrival at your destination if needed.

Heeled ankle boot/Tommy Hilfiger

Not bringing boots? Choose your favourite sneakers instead, you know the ones that feel more like slippers than sneakers.


Styling your travel outfit with a scarf helps change up your look and it’s an accessory that you can easily put in your carry-on bag if you don’t need it. If it’s cold during your flight and no travel blankets are provided (major sigh), reach for your always-versatile scarf.

Basic scarf/Zara Canada


Hide your most likely tired travel eyes behind a pair of sunglasses when you land (after passing through security, obviously). Steal your celebrity icon’s style and rock your shades from the airport onwards.

Less time spent planning your travel outfit means more time to research the new city you’re visiting. There’s no judgement if you go straight from the airport to the beachfront bar with “the best cocktails on the planet,” just remember to take your bags with you when you leave.

Now that you’ve got your outfit sorted, take a look at our ultimate carry-on packing checklist to make sure you’re all set to jetset.

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