Hong Kong is a world-class destination with the skyline to prove it.

The city is a cultural fusion of east-meets-west, old-meets-new, and underground-bar-meets-rooftop-patio (it’s a thing). Be blown away with the contrast of advanced developments side-by-side with historically preserved buildings that you know have stories to tell.

With the most skyscrapers in the world (30% more than New York City, and twice as many as Dubai), you will constantly be staring skyward in awe.

The nightlife is off the hook, the dumplings are steaming, and the cityscape is twinkling. If you haven’t been to Hong Kong yet, FOMO is knocking at your door and it is not gonna let up.

Plus, it’s the only city that you can pronounce without moving your lips or tongue (bet you just tried it out to see if we were right… bet you also just tried to Google if any other city passes the same test). If you’re not intrigued yet, you need to reassess your wanderlust priorities.

Keep your eyes peeled to this page as we release the top spots on where to eat, drink, things to do, neighbourhoods to explore, and Instagram inspiration (you know these are all endless).


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