10 tips for travelling in Vietnam like a boss

Aug 14 2018, 11:52 pm

Vietnam is a beautifully diverse country, and whether you’re flying in from Vancouver or from your stopover in Hong Kong with Hong Kong Airlines, you’re going to notice a wide variety of cultural differences and unique surroundings upon arrival.

Here are some tips to ensure your trip to Vietnam is as epic as it should be.

Carrying money

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Vietnamese dong at the Temple of Literature. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

Carry local money (Vietnamese dong) with you at all times. Many of the best food can be found at authentic hole-in-the-wall or grab-and-go spots (check out our food guide for recommendations), and most of them don’t accept credit cards. The best place to exchange Canadian dollars is at the airport, and you can exchange American cash at hotels as well. There are also ATMs on every corner in the major cities, but they sometimes run out of cash, so plan ahead.


Be wary of the water; drink bottled or boiled, and avoid having drinks with ice, unless someone can vouch for it being safe. Your stomach will thank you for weeks to come.

Navigating traffic

tips Vietnam

Scooter traffic in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

Vietnam is the land of hectic scooter traffic, and crossing the street in its major cities can seem like a daunting task. If you are waiting for a gap in traffic you may be waiting for hours, so the key is just to GO FOR IT.

If you’re in a group, round up the troops and cross as one. When crossing, raise your hand up as if to fend off oncoming traffic by summoning your inner superhero. Finally, never stop in the middle of the street; just keep walking!

Getting there

travel Vietnam

Hong Kong Airlines aircraft in flight. (Hong Kong Airlines)

The perfect launchpad for your trip to Vietnam is a stopover in Hong Kong — this combo will truly let you experience the urban and emerging sides of Asia. Hong Kong Airlines has got you covered with quick and easy flights over to Hanoi. The staff is so hospitable you will feel right at home on your journey, and the views along the way are next level stunning!

If you fly out of Hong Kong International Airport, make sure to stop by Club Autus; it’s an amazing lounge experience that will immediately make you feel like a VIP. Keep that feeling going during your trip with an inflight Skybar and an iPad 4 mini (to catch up on your favourite shows during the 1.5 hour flight). But your trip is just getting started!

Eating like a local

where to eat Hanoi Hong Kong

Dong Xuan alley street market in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

Discover the hidden alleys of Hanoi and Saigon. This is where the true hidden gems are. For example, take the alley that leads to Thuy’s snail soup or the one that leads to Café Giang, the original egg coffee.


Tipping isn’t just a nice optional gesture in Vietnam; it’s a way of life. Our local guide Tuyen recommends leaving the housekeeper $1 per night in a hotel, leaving servers 10% of the bill, and offering the bellboy 50 cents to $1 for a big suitcase. However, you do not need to tip taxi drivers. We know you’re on a budget while travelling, but anything you can spare will be appreciated!

Getting around

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Grab driver in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

After acquiring all of Uber’s Southeast Asia operations earlier this year, Grab is your go-to rideshare program in Vietnam, and it’s an excellent and affordable transportation option. If you choose to take a taxi, know that many offer inconsistent rates, so it is recommended to agree on a price at the beginning of your ride. An alternative is to take a trusted Mai Linh taxi, which charge by metre pricing in the local currency.

(And if you leave Vietnam without receiving at least one ride on the back of a moto taxi, you’ve missed out.)

Keeping cool

Seeking out accommodation with air conditioning is a MUST in Vietnam, at least in the summer months. Our guide Tuyen says A/C is his favourite invention in the world, and about 45 minutes into our time in Hanoi in July, we were on the exact same sweaty page.


travel tips Vietnam

Shopping street in Hanoi, Vietnam. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

Haggling for a price is a part of the culture in Vietnam. It is recommended to negotiate with a vendor pretty much everywhere but the supermarket. Start at half the original price (or less), pretend to walk away, and they will likely call you back so you can meet in the middle. Negotiation is more art than science, and we hope you create a masterpiece of deals.

Calling attention

travel tips Vietnam

Staff at a Vietnamese restaurant. (Kellie Paxian / Daily Hive)

One pet peeve of the locals is when us tourists wag our finger at service staff members to summon them over. This is considered very rude. Instead, if you’re calling over a server, lower your body in your seat and wave your fingers by your head. The only thing worse than a clueless tourist is a rude clueless tourist, so don’t be that person!

Okay, you’re all set for your trip to Vietnam, now there’s only one thing left to do – check out these Hong Kong and Vietnam flight specials from Hong Kong Airlines and book that flight! Ready, jet, go!

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