Meet animals from the comfort of your car at the San Antonio Zoo (VIDEO)

May 1 2020, 7:03 pm

Sure, rolling through the car wash is an exciting outing, but why do that when you could take a trip to the San Antonio Zoo instead?

The zoo in Texas is offering up a once in a lifetime experience, allowing visitors to explore the zoo from their car.

The drive-thru zoo is the best of both worlds: parents can enjoy a worry-free day while kids get to get out of the house and witness some cool creatures.

The trip around the zoo will be a one-way ride, starting at the Bear Grottos and ending in Amazonia.

Those wanting an authentic zoo experience can learn more about each animal through a free audio tour available on Soundcloud and at which is structured in parts that align with the zoo map so that you can play the audio as you make your way through the exhibits.

San Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Zoo

Because no trip to the zoo is complete without snacks, visitors can enjoy food and drinks from two carefully placed snack stations within the park.

San Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Zoo

The zoo is charging each car $60 for entry and is allowing cars of all sizes up to a full-size SUV.

Tickets to the excursion can be found on the San Antonio Zoo website.

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