Skate along stunning ice trails in Quebec, Canada

Jan 24 2020, 9:06 pm

Gracefully glide through a winter wonderland in the depths of the enchanting forests of Quebec at Domaine de la forêt perdue or “Lost Forest Estate.”

Although Quebec winters are cold, they are also breathtakingly beautiful, and skating along these ice trails is a must-see and do experience to truly appreciate the joy and warmth that the season can bring.


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The tree-lined trails keep you sheltered from icy breezes while the fresh, calming aroma of pine fills your lungs, and the transparent, glistening snow creates a picture-perfect setting of winter wonderment.

Along the way, guests may choose to stop in at the animal park to pay a visit to the various alpacas, goats, llamas, sheep, donkeys, hens, peacock and others who are in need a nibble or a pet.

If that isn’t enough to warm your heart, and you are still feeling a bit chilly, no worries!

You can pick up a tasty cup of hot chocolate before or after you embark on the trails.


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If ice skating is not for you, don’t fret. There is an abundance of other activities offered at the Quebec estate.

For example, the suspended labyrinth course provides a fun challenge if you’re seeking to climb to new heights.

Perhaps snowshoeing along a fluffy, white trail is more your speed.


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Are you having a day out with the family? Why not watch the kids challenge their agility at the 20-module piste- d’ hébertisme?

Or, take a leisurely train ride through the “nooks and crannies of the pine forest,” providing an all-encompassed overview of the trails while stopping to feed the animals, and potentially encountering some high-jumping trout.

There is something for everyone at this beautiful winter escape.

For additional information regarding pricing, activities, and season-specific visits, visit the Domaine de la forêt perdue website.

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