Take in the magical site of this botanical garden's enchanting light installation

Jan 20 2020, 8:49 pm

Get ready to be caught up in a mystical, fairy garden world at the Brookgreen Gardens of South Carolina.

From April 8 to September 12, 2020, the botanical gardens will be featuring an “immersive experience in art and light” through an exhibit featuring the work of the internationally-renowned artist, Bruce Munro.


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Munro will bring his captivating large-scale light sculptures to Brookgreen, allowing guests to “literally see the gardens in a new light.”

The exhibit will be comprised of seven works, each combining mixed media and light while incorporating the natural beauty already existing in the gardens.

The light installation will feature tens of thousands of components.


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“My site visit reinforced the notion of a garden being made up from a series of interconnected outside rooms,” Munro said regarding his first visit to Brookgreen.

“It also left me with an impression that the ‚Äėgarden rooms,‚Äô populated by figurative sculptures, were surrounded by an untamed landscape. It‚Äôs a magical place with an edge of the unknown.”

This exhibit will be the only opportunity to experience Munro’s installations in the Eastern United States in 2020.


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General admission tickets are $25 ($33 CAD) for adults and $15 ($19.60 CAD) for children aged four to 12.

Differentially, for members, the prices are $20 ($26 CAD) for adults and $12 ($15.66 CAD).

For ticket purchasing, further information, and future updates, visit the Brookgreen Gardens website.

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