Las Vegas casinos are reopening next month

May 28 2020, 8:17 pm

Casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada, will officially be able to reopen starting June 4, 2020.

“Last week, I set a target reopening date of Thursday, June 4, for our gaming industry,” Governor of Nevada Steve Sisolak said in a press release issued on Wednesday. “Based on the meeting today and the positive trends in our data, I have informed the Chair of the Gaming Control Board that I feel confident in the June 4 target date.”

The meeting was with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Governor Steve Sisolak, as well as the state’s COVID-19 Response Director, local health experts, and the heads of Nevada’s emergency response organizations.

Sisolak explains that the board received updated information regarding how various organizations have collaborated with the gaming industry to ensure that there is a comprehensive strategy to respond to and alleviate the impact of positive coronavirus cases that present themselves in the state.

He continued that the health and wellbeing of workers, residents, and guests are the utmost priority moving forward and that stringent procedures must be put in place to ensure their safety in combination with Health and Safety Policies implemented by the Gaming Control Board.

The board released a policy memorandum at the end of April to assist establishments in reopening following the easing of coronavirus-related restrictions. Such instructions included submitting plans seven days prior to opening and maintaining that all venues under the board’s authority would only be permitted to reopen if they comply with all instructions from federal, state, and local officials.

It is set to issue updates for specific requirements in the form of an “industry notice” on Thursday.

“Our actions now will determine what actions we can take in the future,” Sisolak concluded. “It’s our personal responsibility to stay safe for ourselves, and others, and to work together through this process.”

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