This is the ideal layover duration according to travellers

May 1 2019, 11:11 pm

While layovers are just a part of the deal when travelling far distances, they can pose a number of stressors for travellers.

Is this cutting it too close to my connecting flight? Will this be long enough to leave the airport? How much extra am I willing to pay to fly direct?

There’s the concern of missing your connecting flight due to a delayed first flight, getting lost in the airport when searching for your new gate, or being stuck for a prolonged time and having to cuddle up to your backpack and attempt to nap on the cold, hard airport floor (we’re looking at you, Kuala Lumpur International).

Savvy travellers often schedule in a layover that is long enough to pop out of the airport and experience a new city — our rule of thumb is if it’s seven hours or more, get out there and explore!

Cities like Dubai or Hong Kong are definitely worth venturing out of the airport. Singapore’s Changi Airport is an experience in yourself, one you may not even want to leave thanks to its new Jewel wing (home to the world’s largest indoor waterfall)!

So what is the ideal layover time for the average traveller? has surveyed recent international travellers and have released the following findings:

  • The ideal layover time is one hour and 24 minutes
  • Millennials’ ideal layover is one hour and 22 minutes
  • Baby boomers’ ideal layover is just over an hour and a half
  • UK residents prefer a layover that is 14 minutes longer than the preferred layover of Americans
  • Americans would pay an additional $115 to travel nonstop
  • UK residents would pay an additional $85 to avoid a layover

Layover lengths. (

Factor this in when booking your next flight!

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