Glamp in style in these covered wagons at Yosemite National Park

Dec 19 2019, 10:54 pm

Does anyone else remember that Oregon Trail computer game in middle school where you were somehow placed in charge of an entire convoy of covered wagons and entrusted to transport everyone from Missouri to Oregon?

It was a lot of responsibility to put on a 12-year-old.


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Now, you can relive those glory days and take it to the next level through renting an old-school covered wagon and glamping it up in Yosemite National Park.

It’s all of the fun with none of the dying from dysentery.

Yosemite Pines RV Resort & Family Lodging is offering guests the opportunity to rent one of their traditional Conestoga Wagons.

There are two wagons to choose from, one that sleeps four people and one that sleeps six.


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Both provide guests with the opportunity to get in touch with their “Pioneer Spirit.”

The wagons possess all the comforts of modern-day with the classic old-timey appeal of reliving one of the most important eras in American history.

Equipped with both heat and air conditioning, the wagons each contain a refrigerator under the counter, a microwave, a coffee pot, and bed linens.

They are also conveniently located next to the restrooms and showers.


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The only thing guests are requested to bring — besides their sparkling personalities and thirst for adventure — is a towel.

The wagons also come with a picnic table and barbecue/fire ring to get back to nature and partake in the rugged pioneer experience.

Pricing varies depending on whether you choose to rent Conestoga Wagon 1 — which sleeps four — or the Conestoga Wagon 2 — which sleeps six.


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If you are looking to indulge in the stunning natural beauty of the rich and diverse landscapes of Yosemite National Park in a unique but traditional way — with the addition of a few minor modern upgrades — it may be worthwhile to rent a covered wagon for your next glamping excursion.

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