The next generation of globetrotters are using travel as a type of self-care

Dec 16 2019, 11:28 am

When it comes to self-care, those in Generation Z (those born between 1995 to 2015) are a fantastic cohort to look to for tips. Studies have shown that their passionate ambition and self-reliance are healthily balanced with an awareness of their mental well-being and investment in self-care.

More than any other generation, Gen Z prioritizing time for rest, relaxation, and enjoyment, and are experts at creating boundaries for the stresses of daily life.

Valuing memorable experiences more than material possessions is one of the main ways in which Gen Zers are maintaining their balanced lifestyle and self-care routine.

A recent study by revealed that almost half (49%) of Canada’s Gen Z prioritize travel spending over material possessions, and when polled about their life goals “travel and seeing the world” ranked third, right behind “saving for a down payment on a house” and “investing in education/professional training.”

From the planning stages to looking back on the memories made, here are the five reasons why travel is the best investment for your well-being.

Travel has a way of melting away stress


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No matter how fast you run, stress is never too far behind, that is unless you’re embarking on a new adventure. Stress relief is one of the best side effects of travel. You’re able to pack your bags and leave the rest behind. For an extra boost of stress-melting fun, places like Bangkok, Thailand are filled with plenty of spas and wellness centres, making this the perfect destination reset.

The Thai culture is also deeply rooted in self-care, with traditional Thai medicine centred around herbal remedies, bodywork practices, and spiritual healing. If destressing is your motive, deep tissue massages and exploring the tranquil lifestyle of Thailand may be for you.

Travel can inspire you to re-invent yourself


One of the best things about travelling is the perspective it offers; it gives you the ability to look at the world around you and encourages you to find your place within it. You may not even know it yet, but each time you travel, you may be getting closer to your ideal life and finding your passions.

Places like Dubai, United Arab Emirates are known to be destinations that attract travellers who never leave. Amidst UAE’s thriving economy, high-paying jobs, and lack of income taxes, Dubai is a cosmopolitan hub of culture and self-indulgence. If you’re looking to leave inspired, or never leave at all, you may want to consider Dubai.

Travel encourages happiness for longer than you think


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Nothing makes people happier than meeting like-minded individuals, learning new things, experiencing new adventures and taking in new sights, and travelling gives you all of this at once. Studies have found that travel heightens happiness by rewiring how we think, bringing us closer to our creative side and increasing our acceptance of new ideas. It’s no surprise that travel boosts happiness, but what can come as a shock is how your unique perspective and memorable moments can result in a more prolonged happiness effect even after you’re back on home soil.

Those seeking happiness from travel should visit Finland, ranked the ‘Happiest Country on Earth’ the last two years in a row according to the World Happiness Report 2019. Known for its kind and generous population, minimal corruption, and overall sense of freedom with the national social structure and landscapes, when in Finland you’ll be compelled to do as the Finnish do and be happy

Travelling can push your boundaries and improve your confidence


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Visiting a foreign place can be intimidating yet exciting all at the same time. The new people and environments that you’ll encounter will push you to adapt and teach you how to navigate outside of your comfort zone. Trusting yourself is also a skill born from travelling. Being able to face the unknown and relying on your instincts to make decisions that will leave you with a better understanding of yourself, while also giving you something to be proud of once your trip is over.

If seeking adventure and pushing your boundaries sounds like an ideal getaway, try travelling to a country with a native language far different from your own. Russia is a great place to explore for the traveller looking to push their limits. With only around 5.5% of the country English speaking and an entirely different alphabet, getting around this country will be a challenge that requires lots of self-reliance.

Travelling can improve your physical health


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With each one of the listed benefits positively impacting your mental well-being, these also result in some very real positive impacts on the physical body. A study by the Global Commission on Aging and Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, in partnership with the US Travel Association, found that both women and men who vacationed at least twice a year were at significantly lower risk of heart issues later in life. In comparison to those who vacationed every six years or less.

Travelling within your own country can teach you about yourself and your roots


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According to data, 48% of Gen Zers say travelling in their own country helps them to learn and discover more about themselves. With Canada being a cultural mosaic, learning about the diversity of cultures that reside in Canada can be an eye-opening experience.

Travel that challenges individuals to step outside of their comfort zone and embrace a different way of life — even within their native country’s borders — allows people to embark on an adventure that challenges them to think differently than the way they do every day.

For city dwellers, a trip to the Northwest Territories is drastically different than their daily lives—and an adventure of a lifetime. The Spectacular Northwest Territories deems that travelling to their region changes you as you’ll experience the dancing Aurora Borealis, the native art scene, and outdoor adventures like reindeer herding. Learning about Canada’s diverse background is an excellent way for Canadians to understand more about the heritage of their country and, in turn, themselves—something Gen Z has genuinely embraced.

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