Explore these museums around the world from the comfort of your home

Mar 17 2020, 11:45 pm

At this point, everyone should be practicing social distancing and staying home as a means of deterring the further spread of  COVID-19.

However, just because we aren’t venturing outside our houses does not mean that we can’t indulge in some high-class culture.

As a method of preventing the transmission of coronavirus, many museums have closed their doors. Still, some of these institutions have also shared information on how people can “visit” their venues from the comfort of their own homes.

Here is a list of international museums that you can peruse while self-isolating.

The Louvre Museum – Paris, France


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Arguably one of the world’s most popular and frequented museums, the Louvre’s website offers multiple online tours for some of its most exciting exhibits.

Explore the mysteries of Egypt, wander through the remains of the Louvre’s Moat, or gaze in amazement at the stunningly beautiful Galerie d’Apollon, all without having to leave your couch!

Get 360° views of the exhibits, and click specific artifacts to learn more information about their origins and histories.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – Washington, DC, USA


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For those looking for more of a nature-oriented experience, venture over to The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History website, where you can participate in online self-guided tours.

These tours provide visitors with a room-by-room experience of select exhibits from their various devices.

“Visitors can also access select research and collections areas at our satellite support and research stations and past exhibits no longer on display,” the website explains.

The British Museum – London, England


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The British Museum has an incredibly diverse and expansive collection at its disposal, and it makes some of these pieces available for viewing online.

The institution has also combined forces with the Google Cultural Institute to provide virtual tours by utilizing Google Street View technology.

Users can peruse a variety of distinct exhibits, including the Buddhist art in Myanmar, Egypt: faith after the pharaohs, and Celtic life in Iron Age Britain, just to name a few.

The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum – New York City, USA


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Unfortunately, viewers are not currently able to appreciate the impressive architecture of the Guggenheim building, which is a marvel in itself.

However, they can visit this Big Apple museum virtually and admire the fantastic pieces of art inside through various online exhibits and collections featuring over 1,700 works by more than 625 artists.

 The Dalí Theatre-Museum – Figueres, Spain


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Situated in Catalonia, Spain, the Dalí Theatre-Museum outlines for visitors the various eras of Dalí and is entirely devoted to his life and career.

In fact, Dalí himself is buried there.

The museum provides virtual tours of select exhibits as well as the grounds of the museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City, USA


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Also partnered up with the Google Cultural Institute, the Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met) provides a variety of online features for digital visitors to enjoy.

Users can admire a multitude of iconic works, including those of Jackson Pollock, Giotto di Bondone, and Vincent van Gogh.

Indulge in an artistic appreciation endeavour without having to leave home.

The Vatican Museums – Vatican City


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The museums of the Vatican are an incredibly significant resource of art and sculpture that have been curated by the various Popes throughout history.

Viewers can participate in virtual tours of museum grounds as well as the various intriguing exhibits, one of the most distinguished being the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo.

Other notable tours include Raphael’s Rooms, the Niccoline Chapel, and the Room of the Chiaroscuri.

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