5 simple yet creative ways to save money for travel

Dec 26 2019, 1:00 pm

Even when the heart is willing, the wallet may not be.

Saving money for travel can be a challenging task, but as any globetrotter will tell you, the payoff is always worth it!

Tucking money away can be more straightforward than it seems — and far less daunting than we build it up to be.

Through altering certain habits and, yes, sacrificing a little, budgeting for that all-coveted getaway will be well worth the penny-pinching!

Don’t worry! We have your back.

Here are five creative — and easy! — ways to save money for travel.

Cook at home and bring pre-made lunches to work


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For many of us, dining out is a likely culprit for those lost dollars, especially in the winter months with comfort foods, candy, and carbs, oh my!

Making meals at home and packing lunches to bring with you to work can save a significant amount of money.

Some funds will go towards groceries, of course, but the costs for that are sparse compared to the constant drink and dinner receipts.

Food subscription services, such as HelloFresh, deliver pre-packaged ingredients and portions directly to your door. With various meal plans, it can be an excellent alternative for those that aren’t super confident in their culinary abilities.

Organize your finances


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Evaluating your current financial situation is essential to planning your goals for tucking funds away and setting realistic expectations of how to do so.

Either by doing it yourself, or meeting with a financial planner, draft out your monthly earnings, and mandatory monthly expenses (i.e., food, toiletries, bills).

From there, you should be able to gain a practical comprehension of how much you are plausibly able to tuck away.

Setting up a separate savings account is also a good idea to have somewhere to keep the money out of reach as a way to resist the temptation of taking it out. It also provides an encouraging visual as you watch the amount increase.

Banking apps like Cleo can also be super helpful in keeping you on track and holding you accountable for your financial actions with a sweet — but sassy — reality check.

Get it? A-count-able? At least we think we’re funny.

Stop impulse buying


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Impulse buying is something we are all guilty of.

You walk by a store window, and something catches your eye. Or you’re perusing Instagram, and an ad comes up. Or you somehow find yourself on Amazon and, all of a sudden, there are items in the cart.

How did those get in there?

It is vital to be conscious of these habits and buckle down on identifying the differences between a want and a need.

You may want that cute sweater or daily coffee from Starbucks, but you need groceries and deodorant.

You’d be amazed at how much money you can put away when you catch yourself in these habits and take the necessary steps to rectify the behaviour.

Learn to say no


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Depending on whether you lean towards more extroverted or introverted, this tip may be challenging.

We all want to hang out with friends and have fun.

However, we often don’t notice how social outings, going for drinks, and nights out can add up very quickly.

Saving money, for one thing, means diverting funds from somewhere else. Thus, you may be required to turn down social engagements where food and drinks and other types of spending are involved.

However, all is not lost!

Instead of venturing out, suggest a potluck dinner or movie night in to still have the social aspect without the necessity for spending the big bucks.

Stay strong and remain disciplined


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None of this is to say that saving money is always an easy task. It takes commitment and discipline.

Keep in mind that hard work pays off and that sacrifice produces rewards.

When you feel frustrated or discouraged, try to imagine how worthwhile your savings will be when you are off on your next adventure and living your best life!

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