You can stay in a carb-lover's paradise with this hotel's "Bread & Breakfast" suite

Jan 14 2020, 11:23 pm

Bagels, biscuits, and baguettes, oh my!

If you are an avid lover of carbs, do we have the opportunity for you!

According to an official press release, “ is breaking its New Year’s resolutions and rewarding travellers with the best thing since sliced bread: theĀ Hotels.comĀ® Bread & Breakfast.”


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Located in New York City at the Refinery Hotel, the temporary pop-up suite is sure to curb your biggest carb cravings upon its opening on Friday, January 17 — which conveniently falls on National Ditch Your Resolution Day.

It’s almost as if they planned it that way.

Be sure to pack clothing that has a little give, and bring your appetite, because this delicious destination is only available for a limited time!

“Guests who stay at the Bread & Breakfast should come hungry and be prepared to leave their keto commitments at the door!” the release exclaims.

The experience begins right at the check-in desk when visitors are provided with a sweet treat before venturing to their carb-lover’s paradise.



Upon entry, they will be greeted by the delectable aroma of fresh baking.

Guests can indulge in the minibar complete with a bakery full of free pastries.

They are also invited to “toast up a slice of bread for anĀ obviousĀ surprise!”

Visitors will be able to partake in carb-centric breakfast options, including fresh bagels, a cereal bar, and a donut wall.

If that isn’t enough, you’ll even get a complimentary $100 credit for the starch-filled room service.

Not only are guests allowed to eat as many carbs as their heart’s desire, but the room itself is also carb-themed.

The bed comes with a custom toast-shaped “breadboard” as well as croissant pillows.

As well, guests are encouraged to bring the custom “Carbivore” embroidered robe, as well as the matching baguette slippers, home with them at the end of their stay.


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“ Bread & Breakfast is the latest addition to our list of irreverent, bookable room experiences available exclusively on,” President Adam Jay said in a statement.

“There’s no better time than National Ditch Your Resolution Day to reward our customers with an overnight stay in a room designed floor to ceiling with carbs!”

The cost of’s Bread & Breakfast suite is $225 ($294 CAD) per night and will be available for booking starting at 9 am ET on January 17 until January 31.

To make a reservation, visit the room’s website.

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