5 of the best glamping destinations in North America

Feb 21 2020, 7:36 pm

With getting back to nature, short-term trips, and unplugging being some of the biggest travel trends of 2020, it is clear that travellers are seeking more restful and rejuvenating experiences.

What could be more restful than escaping the chaotic world of work and social responsibilities to a pristine, calming atmosphere that has all the luxuries of home?

Glamping presents the perfect combination of luxurious modernity and nature, making it an excellent option for those looking to relieve some stress and unwind.

Here is our list of five of the most idyllic glamping destinations in North America.

The Resort at Paws Up, Montana, United States


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Between mid-May and mid-October, this secluded woodland getaway becomes a premier glamping resort complete with six glamping camps to cater to all of your wilderness escape desires.

The Cliffside Camp, North Bank Camp, Moonlight Camp, Creekside Camp, Pinnacle Camp, and River Camp all feature unique rustic appeals to melt your worries next to the warmth of a cozy campfire.

The resort also offers a variety of outdoorsy activities, including ATV tours, archery, canoeing, and fly fishing.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking Montana scenery that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Mustang Monument Eco Resort & Preserve, Nevada, United States


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Where modernity meets the Old West, this outstanding rustic escape allows guests to get a taste of the cowboy lifestyle with the bonus of lavish comfort.

“Experience the glory of the Old West with all the luxuries of the finest modern resort, all steps from ranges where wild Mustangs roam free,” the official website explains.

With unique experiences, including horse-back riding excursions, roping lessons, and wild mustang safaris, you’ll feel as though you have been transported back to the Wild West.

Additionally, all proceeds from every stay are directed to benefiting Saving America’s Mustangs, which provides critical care as well as a voice for the wild horses that populate the area.

Conestoga Ranch, Utah, United States


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This ranch is an ideal destination for couples, groups, and families who want to experience the awe-inspiring backcountry of Utah without having to devote time to packing extensive camping equipment.

Guests are encouraged to get back in touch with nature in either one of the ranch’s iconic circle wagons that look like they hopped right off the Oregon Trail or the glamping tents, which are perfect for private family adventures.

Conestoga is situated in one of the most scenic locations in the United States. With various natural attractions, including the Paris Ice Cave, Minnetonka Cave, and the Fish Dig Quarry, you are sure to create memories that last long after your stay is over.

Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia, Canada


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Literally sleep amongst the trees with these magical spherical tree houses in Qualicum Bay on Vancouver Island.

These cool and quirky pods are adult-only — guests are required to be 16 or over — but are perfect for a romantic getaway or group glamping trip.

“Come spend a night or a week up in our trees, and you will find the peace and relaxation which you seek,” the website explains.

The amenities vary by pod but include features such as electric heat, skylights, double duvet-covered beds, and a small fridge.

Flora Bora Forest Lodging, Saskatchewan, Canada


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Rest your head in a beautifully crafted yurt specifically designed for luxury and comfort.

Located in Emma Lake, Saskatchewan, Flora Bora Forest Lodging is home to a unique, secluded glamping experience surrounded by stunning natural scenery and an abundance of outdoor activities, including hiking, canoeing, and bird watching.

The deluxe yurts are strategically positioned to ensure optimal privacy and are equipped with all the luxuries of home including a furnished kitchen, queen-size bed, and private deck.

Guests are able to choose from the Yeti Yurt or Beddy’s Abode for their blissfully relaxing holiday experience.

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