7 of the best places to enjoy a bodacious brunch in Victoria, BC

Feb 25 2020, 5:27 pm

Whether it’s your most coveted tradition with friends or merely something that gets you through the day after one too many drinks the night before, brunch is a sacred and cherished weekend ritual that has been alive and well for decades.

Eggs benedict, french toast, warm pancakes, golden hashbrowns, and who could forget the bounteous beauty that is the mimosa, making it acceptable to drink wine at 10 am on a Sunday?

Its enchanting charm knows no bounds.

One location, in particular, that particularly enjoys beaming about its breakfast bounty is Victoria, BC, where lines can be seen out the door at various establishments every weekend.

There, brunch is a spiritual experience, and any visitor would be remiss if they did not participate in it at least once.

Without further delay, here is our list of six of the best places to enjoy a bodacious brunch in Victoria, BC.

The Flying Pig


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Cure what ales you with Avi’s Fixer Elixer or perhaps a Gramma’s Bloody Ceasar before delving into a decadently fluffy frittata or vanilla waffle.

Were you looking for something more hearty? No problem! Why not try the country-style breakfast complete with two eggs, bacon, sausage, potato hash, and toast?

The Flying Pig combines modern dining with an old-timey flair that is sure to leave your heart, and your stomach, happy and full.

Address: 245 Wharf St, Victoria

Phone: 250-483-3814

Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub


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This brunch spot an ideal location for those visiting Victoria in search of delicious food and a spectacular view.

All you have to do is hope on board the Victoria Harbour Ferry — which operates from spring through to the fall — and take the short but scenic ride across the Inner Harbour to Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub. If you have a vehicle, it is also just a five-minute drive from downtown Victoria.

If you’re more savoury than sweet, might we suggest the Fog Fighter Breakfast Sandwiches or the House Smoked Salmon Hash?

However, if you choose to walk on the sweeter side, the caramel french toast and apple and hazelnut flatbread are both sure to curb the desires of any sweet tooth.

Address: 308 Catherine St, Victoria

Phone: 250-386-2739

JAM Cafe


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No list about Victoria brunch destinations would be complete without mentioning JAM Cafe.

JAM has been a beloved dining destination for visitors and locals alike for years. The restaurant became so popular that it opened locations in Vancouver as well.

However, this fact also means that it is one of the most challenging spots to get into, so make sure you arrive early! They are open from 8 am to 3 pm and do not accept reservations.

There are several mouth-watering menu items up for grabs, so there is bound to be something for everyone at this beloved brunch haven.

Address: 542 Herald St, Victoria

Phone: 250-440-4489

Floyd’s Diner


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Another landmark institution in Victoria, Floyd’s has been delighting diners since 2004.

Perhaps one of their best-known attractions, “The Mahoney,” is sure to captivate and charm visitors as the cooks prepare for you whatever they feel like making.

If you aren’t feeling as adventurous, that’s okay too! The menu is full of diverse dishes, sure to curb whatever it is that you’re craving.

Address: 332 Menzies St, Victoria

Phone: 250-406-0504

Blue Fox Cafe


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Their website says it all, “Victoria’s first and foremost all-day breakfast since 1991. We started this shizzle!”

Blue Fox Cafe is another brunch spot in which it is best to arrive early. The establishment is no stranger to having people lined up out the door for their tasty brunch options. And although they accept reservations Monday through Friday, weekends are first come first served.

The menu is large and diverse, offering dishes that range from 12 different kinds of eggs benny to a butter chicken omelette.

Address: 919 Fort St, Victoria

Phone: 250-380-1683

Spoons Diner


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This retro dining destination is sure to cook up a feeling of joy in you.

With its vast, homemade menu, this quirky little diner is sure to provide a unique and delicious brunch that you are never going to forget.

Whether you opt for the classic Greasy Spoon or the more dignified Parliament Hill hash, the lime green wall and classic diner booths of Spoons Diner will evoke a nostalgic feeling that enhances the flavour of whatever dish you decide to order.

Address: 2915 Douglas St, Victoria

Phone: 250-382-5111

Mo:LĂ© Restaurant


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Not only is the food at Mo:LĂ© absolutely delicious, the ingredients — when seasonally possible — are all sourced from local and organic farms, making it a restaurant for the community by the community.

The menu is vegan-friendly too, so there are countless options for any and all appetites and dietary preferences.

With unique and creative dishes such as the Chinatown Ciabatta and the Curry Tofu Scramble, a visit to Mo:LĂ© Restaurant is sure to be a brunch in Victoria that you will never forget.

Address: 554 Pandora Ave, Victoria

Phone: 250-385-6653

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