5 unbeatable spots to check out on Vancouver Island

Jan 27 2020, 6:30 pm

An undoubtable gem of British Columbia, Vancouver Island is rich in its diverse landscapes, a thriving arts community, and an overall laid-back way of living.

Abundant with unfiltered natural beauty and unique wildlife, visitors young and old can expect to be enamoured with this piece of Pacific perfection.

Here is a list of five things to do while visiting Vancouver Island.

1. Stroll along Victoria Harbour


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The largest city on Vancouver Island, and the capital of the province of British Columbia, Victoria is a popular destination for those seeking to learn more about the region’s history and visit the many adorable boutiques, delicious restaurants, and fascinating museums.

Take a stroll along the harbour and admire the hustle and bustle of the city while indulging in the various food or handcrafted items available for purchase along the harbour wall.

Street performers also frequent this location, so you might get the opportunity to take in a short show!

2. Check out the goats on the roof in Coombs


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A beloved attraction amongst tourists and locals alike, Coombs has seen a substantial surge in popularity in recent years.

Perhaps the most unique element of the town is the goats on the roof at the Old Country Market.

An oddity, seeing as how goats don’t typically live on roofs, the sight is sure to bring a smile to your face.

A family-owned establishment, Old Country Market is a story of humble beginnings, starting as a modest roadside fruit stand and progressively evolving into the landmark of Coombs that it is today with an assortment of shops, local eateries, and colourful clientele.

P.S. Get an ice cream cone at Billy Gruff Creamery. You can thank us later.

3. Explore the Horne Lake Caves in Parksville/Qualicum Beach


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Quench your thirst for adventure in one of central Vancouver Island’s most unique landscapes by stepping outside your comfort zone and into the depths in the Horne Lake Caves near Parksville/Qualicum Beach.

Take advantage of the guided tours where “animalistic instincts direct your movements as you meander through a natural underground wonderland.”

What you anticipate to be spooky becomes wholly beautiful as you venture deeper and deeper into the unknown, revelling at the breathtaking subterranean underworld of Vancouver Island.

4. Take a surf lesson in Tofino


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For years, the stunning coastal town of Tofino has been a destination for seasoned and just-starting-out surfers.

However, come prepared, as this is no Hawaii-temperature water!

Even in the summer months, it is advised to wear a wetsuit if you don’t want to be chilled to the bone from the frigid Pacific Ocean water — temperatures peak at¬†13 to 17¬įC in the summer but can get as low as¬†7 to 9¬įC in the winter.

After a rigorous day of surfing, take in a classic — albeit epic — Tofino sunset. There is nothing quite like it.

5. Walk the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet


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According to the official website, “a walk on the Wild Pacific Trail will weave itself into your soul.”

We can confirm that this is accurate information.

There is something about the sprawling views and immeasurable beauty of Vancouver Island that stays with you long after you leave it.

This 9 km trail highlights some of the most idyllic examples of the natural island landscape and provides ample opportunity for viewpoints for photographers, hikers, and bird and storm watchers.

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