Stephen Colbert creates pot tourism ad celebrating legalization in Canada

Oct 19 2018, 12:46 am

Cannabis is officially legal in Canada and American late-night host Stephen Colbert created a special tourism advertisement to celebrate legalization in the Great White North.

In the past, Colbert has investigated what it takes to move to Canada. But maybe legalization is the last piece of convincing he needs.

Of course, it’s a parody. But it’s perfectly Canadian and we can’t help but love it.

“Canada has something for everyone scenic vistas, our charming wildlife, our thriving cities or now our legalized marijuana,” says the narrator in the ad.

And that’s when things get a get a little hazy.

“So visit today because who knows if we’ll be here tomorrow. You know like, life’s so fleeting. Like maple syrup oozing through an hourglass.”

These, of course, are all the things Canadians think about when they are high.

A moose then appears on the screen.

“Hey, haven’t we seen this moose before?” asks the narrator who is clearly dazed and confused.

“Anyway, let’s listen to these guys because they have all the answers.”

And that’s when the Canadian classic hit One Week by the Barenaked Ladies starts playing and the narrator starts singing along.

The ad closes with a giant plate of poutine.

“I could really go for some poutine,” says the narrator. “Wait… what was this an ad for again? Oh yeah, come to Canada …for some reason.”

We all know what that reason is, folks.

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