Stephen Colbert meets with Canadian immigration lawyer in advance of US election (VIDEO)

Oct 21 2016, 6:45 pm

As Stephen Colbert pointed out last night on The Late Show, every four years many Americans threaten to move to Canada if their candidate doesn’t win the Presidential election.

So Colbert started to wonder what it would actually take if a US citizen wanted to move to Canada after the November 8 election. And he was curious enough to meet with Toronto-based Canadian immigration lawyer Andrew Cumming to find out.

What ensues is a hilarious back and forth between a serious immigration lawyer and, well, Stephen Colbert.

Running through a list of preliminary immigration questions, Cumming comes up against Colbert’s comedy at every turn. For instance, when asked for a proper photo, Colbert hands Cumming a photo of Ryan Gosling, claiming that this is how he looks when he’s properly lit.

But the real laughs kick in when Cumming performs a practice citizenship test on Colbert:

“How are members of Parliament chosen?”

“Oh, uh, a lumberjack competition?”

It’s hard to tell if Colbert has practiced these answers or how many takes there are in between, but either way he manages to get Cumming to crack a few times:

“What are the three branches of government?”

“The NHL, Tim Hortons, and Alan Thicke.”

Sure, Colbert has a lot to learn about our country (except Gordon Lightfoot songs, he’s good on those) but we’d love to have him even if he does think the ‘barenaked lady’ is a symbol of Canada.

Watch the video for yourself. It’s pretty good, eh.

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