Toronto police reminds public not to call 911 about weed

Oct 17 2018, 6:20 pm

From being served a cold burger and fries at McDonald’s to getting upset that a customer didn’t flush the toilet at a restaurant, people call 9-1-1 over the most bizarre things.

And now that weed is legal in Canada, the Toronto Police have reminded the public to think again about calling 9-1-1 over simple cannabis-related issues.

The campaign, which is called “Do Not Call 9-1-1,” is a bid to prevent time-wasting calls as new cannabis laws come into force on Wednesday.

“This change represents a significant transition, not just for members of the Toronto Police Service but for all Canadians,” said Police Chief Mark Saunders, in a statement. “Going forward it is important for everyone to take the time to educate themselves on legalization.”

In a series of humorous PSA graphics, the Toronto Police urge people to no longer contact officers over soon to be every day, pot-related situations that do not require emergency services — like seeing an adult smoke a joint in public, your neighbour’s pot plants, or smelling weed from your neighbour’s home, for example.

The posters do provide some actually useful information about cannabis, including where consumption is allowed.

Now listen to the Toronto police and remember, “cannabis is no longer illegal,” and “do not call police for this.”

Toronto Police

Toronto Police

Toronto Police

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