You can now legally buy cannabis plants in Canada

Dec 18 2018, 1:16 am

Canadians have been legally able to grow four plants in their homes since legalization (depending on the province — sorry Quebec), but that doesn’t mean there have been legitimate sources to get cannabis plants or seeds for recreational users.

Until now.

Recently, Newfoundland and Labrador began offering cannabis clones for those interested in making their thumbs just a little bit greener.

Available on the province’s online retailer, Cannabis NL, — run by the Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation — there are eight different strains of clones available for order.

A clone is a cutting taken from a larger plant that is allowed to root on its own.

Each plant is packaged into individual plant shippers, offering protection during shipping. Added foam insulation at the base of the plant is included to maintain warmth during transport.

Screen capture from Cannabis NL’s website.

Eve & Co., a cannabis brand that markets towards women, is behind the clones and, adopting a ladies first strategy, they are “committed to ensuring there’s not a seed of a doubt about the difference the cannabis plant can make in the lives of females,” according to their website.

While these are the first plants available for sale more are expected to begin appearing in online and brick and mortar stores shortly. They are not currently available for sale in the provinces private retail storefronts.

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