Kevin's Corner: Everything you need to know about Cherry Cream

Sep 20 2018, 9:05 pm

Kevin is the head of quality control at Cannabismo. He has been a cannabis enthusiast for most of his life and a professional in the industry for over two years. Kevin is always looking for that perfect strain to share with fellow tokers.

Cherry Cream is a 50/50 hybrid (50% indica, 50% sativa) that is as sweet as its name implies.

Originating from Tacoma, Washington, Cherry Cream is a cross of Cherry Pie and Cookies and Cream – both are hybrids known for helping with deep relaxation.

With 20% THC, this strain is strong but manageable. Consumption can lead to couch lock and munchies, so it is best used later in the evening.

Buds are typically smaller in size, with tightly curled leaves and lots of orange pistils.

The sweet, piney, earthy smell gives way to hints of cherry, cookies, mint, and pine in flavour.

Cherry Cream is known for its calming properties, inducing relaxation, easing depression and providing an overall pleasant head and body buzz.

This is also a great strain for soothing sore muscles.

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