Kevin's Corner: Everything you need to know about Tom Ford Pink Death

Jul 28 2018, 4:53 am

Kevin is the head of quality control at Cannabismo. He has been a cannabis enthusiast for most of his life and a professional in the industry for over two years. Kevin is always looking for that perfect strain to share with fellow tokers.

Tom Ford Pink Death

Here’s one for all you heavy hitters! Tom Ford Pink Death is one not to mess with.

The indica-dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) boasts THC levels as high as 25%.

Consumers can expect a relaxed, happy high followed by a heavy, sleepy body buzz. I recommend this one for experienced smokers, but beginners can still enjoy this strain when used after dinner or just before bedtime.

Tom Ford Pink Death

Tom Ford Pink Death (Cannabismo)

Tom Ford Pink Death is a cross between Death Bubba (which originated in Vancouver) and Pink Kush.

Buds should be dark green with lots of red hairs and a nice crystal coating of trichomes. This strain can be a little harsh on the throat and has a strong earthy taste. The pungent, sweet piney smell lets you know you’re getting locked in and staying put after a session.

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