Quebec's cannabis store logo is the 'butt' of jokes on the internet this week

Jul 4 2018, 4:26 am

Quebec’s new logo for provincial cannabis distributor and SAQ subsidiary the Société québecoise du cannabis (SQDC) was quietly released to the public last week.

Allegedly, it is supposed to depict a Q with a cannabis leaf in it – along the lines of Hydro Quebec’s logo, a Q with a bolt of electricity.

However, Quebec residents are seeing the logo a little bit differently.

StonerCast’s opinion was echoed on Reddit. “The Quebec’s Cannabis Society (SQDC) revealed their new logo yesterday, and all I see is a rectal thermometer,” a thread was titled by Reddit user anniboo.

Although the above response has been overwhelmingly common, not everyone sees the controversial logo as a lower body orifice.

“Very surprised to learn that the #SQDC (La Société québécoise de cannabis) was inspired by my drawing of a hen playing soccer for the concept of their logo,” tweeted @J_M_Martel in French, accompanied by a sketch.

Others were simply unimpressed.

Twitter user @MarieRose42 concurred.

“It looks more like a kindergarten drawing than a logo,” she tweeted in French.

But not all the feedback is bad. “Aw, I kind of like it. It’s the Fleur de Lis, maple leaf, weed leaf, letter Q, the letter colour green, and an ass. It’s all the things I love in one logo, I approve,” commented Redditor allison_redford.

Said @boulevardbrutal in French, “Far from me to criticize the anus logo! I like anuses.”

The logo comes courtesy of Canadian marketing & communications agency Cossette, with the so-called butthole costing QC taxpayers a cool $45 000.

In comparison, Ontario’s logo cost about $640,000… though it has yet to be compared to an anus.

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