This is how much people pay for cannabis across Canada (INFOGRAPH)

Jan 31 2018, 6:37 am

With the legalization of cannabis on the horizon in Canada, numerous agencies of all levels are looking at the topic from a variety of different angles.

One of the most recent angles to appear comes courtesy of Statistics Canada, who are trying to figure out the buying habits, so to speak, of cannabis users – both recreationally and for medical purposes.

Through this, they have produced a chart which shows what Canadians paid for gram of weed across the country last year.

As the old saying goes, location is everything, so it’s no surprise that BC boasts the cheapest price per gram.

In fact, it’s the only province to follow under the $7 mark.

Not surprisingly, the high prices are found in the country’s far north, the only spot in the country over $9.

Here’s the chart, courtesy of StatsCan:

weed prices across canada

Cannabis prices per gram across Canada. (StatsCan)

“Tell us about your last purchase of dried cannabis,” StatsCan asked in their newly launched online questionnaire, Crowdsourcing Cannabis.

That experience includes how much you paid and how much you received, what city you made the transaction in, and whether you used it for medical or recreational purposes.

Who doesn’t love a good stats chart?

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