New book offers 50 cannabis-infused cocktail recipes

Feb 26 2021, 5:00 pm

From skincare to gummies, cannabis is the buzz-ingredient everyone can’t stop talking about.

Next up? CannabisĀ cocktails.

CanEmpire just released a a recipeĀ book dedicated to the topic:Ā CanDrinks: Cocktails & Cannabis.

With a mix of adult bevvies and even a few tasty mocktails, the book includes 50 recipes created by Quebec mixologist Alex Vallieres.

The Savage Kiwi Kush is infused with cannabis.

The cannabis doesn’t replace your usual vodka or tequila, but instead, is mixed right in. Recipes include the “Blue Dream,” which is a mix of cannabis infused arranged rum, coconut liquor and pineapple guaranteed to transport you to the shores of Hawaii.

For tequila lovers, the HighTime includes bitters and citrus notes, and for the vodka mainstays, Alex has come up with the Limonene Cupcake.

Alex’s favorite drink, however, is the NewMexico Sour.

“What was the most challenging for me was all the cannabis education needed to first start developing recipes,” he explained.

“I was surprised to discover a completely new range of flavours after infusing classic alcohols and I really believes this is a trend that will grow exponentially in the next few years.”

CanDrinks: Cocktails & Cannabis includes 50 cannabis-infused cocktail and mocktail recipes.

The book also walks at-home bartenders through how to infuse their own alcohols (or simple syrup for non-drinkers) with dried cannabis flowers.

It’s suggested to just infuse CBD into clear alcohols — like vodka, gin or tequila — but those sipping mocktails can mix higher THC levels into their simple syrups. For those new to cannabis, THC is mainly responsible for the psychoactive effects, while CBD carries non-intoxicating elements.

Don’t expect cannabis-infused cocktails to hit you the same way as a gin-and-tonic: just like edibles, the effects will take considerably longer to feel than your average cocktail or even if you were to smoke.

Depending on the person, expect at least an hour or two to start feeling effects — and that can last several hours. It’s recommended to stick to justĀ oneĀ cannabis cocktail per evening.

Alex Vallieres is seen making cocktails for the CanEmpire team.

“Our goal is to help eliminate cannabis stigma in Canada, we want to educate and open discussions about such a promising industry,” CEO Awa Diagne adds.

“We believe Canadians shouldn’t have to hide that they consume cannabis and we are constantly working on fighting this throughout our numerous cannabis-friendly unique projects,” she also told us.

CanDrinks: Cocktails & CannabisĀ is availableĀ online atĀ www.canempire.caĀ or also on Amazon in both in French and English.

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